Persistence Pays Off: Best Practices for Using the Bloomberg Professional Service on College Campuses (2014)

Introducing technology into a college or university environment can be a jarring experience for
users. Comprehensive training to develop a complete understanding of the technology is
necessary and full integration into the culture often takes multiple cycles in the life of the
organization (i.e., an academic year). The adoption of the technology by users—in this case
faculty and students—is often facilitated by a number of factors, including access to the
technology, available support resources and activities that prod users to take advantage of the
service. Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) that comprise the UNCF (United
Negro College Fund) network experienced this phenomenon when “Bloomberg terminals” were
introduced to their campuses.

This white paper documents the experiences of those institutions and lessons learned in integrating the Bloomberg Professional Service, commonly referred to as “Bloomberg terminals,” into their campuses and curriculum and identifies best practices in promoting greater usage.