A powerful charting and layout software

What is think-cell?

think-cell is a powerful charting and layout software that aims to facilitate the creation of charts in Microsoft PowerPoint slides using Microsoft Excel data sheets. think-cell is able to produce scatter plots, bubble charts, line graphs, bar charts, waterfall charts, Mekko charts, Gantt charts, agendas, and more.

It uses built-in PowerPoint charts and shapes for its output, which means charts created with think-cell remain data-driven, changeable, and non-pixelated. There is a searchable online documentation for detailed instructions to get started with think-cell.  Their screen-casts show quick examples of how to build charts.

For more information on think-cell and its functionality, please visit the think-cell website.

Usage terms

think-cell offers their software for free to academic or non-profit organizations, used exclusively for education, public research or direct non-profit core operations.

If you would like think-cell for your institution or organization, lease visit the think-cell website.